Monday, September 9, 2013

School has started again!

It's here again, the new school year. Why I dread the school year is beyond me, but I do! Is it cause I will miss my Cammy? Or maybe cause it makes me realize he's one year closer to being in "real" school? Or maybe cause summer is officially (but not really officially) over? I don't know, but I was sad this year. Not crying sad, just "oh man, this stinks" kind of sad. BUT, Cam on the other hand, not sad in the least! Everything about school makes this kid excited! His new back pack ("you got my name on it? AWESOME!!"), the fact that he eats lunch at school this year, his old friends and new friends, everything gets him happy, which in turn makes me happy.

So, I need to get over it! Why should something that makes him over the moon excited get me down? It shouldn't! Plus, having him somewhere other then home three half days a week gives me alone time with my favorite girl in the whole world! Cam just needs to promise to keep the cuddle time and the "I love you's" that I require coming!  This will be a great year, I'll make sure of it! Because next year, one will be in preschool and one in kindergarten! Mid life crisis at 33?  Yes, please :)
Cool kid :)
 Does he look happy to you?  Yeah, this makes me happy. 

And to remember from last year: 
He's growing up!!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Baby Reese Madison

Two weeks after Hadley was born, my older sister had her baby!  Tina, Mike and Ryan welcomed Reese Madison to the fam. She was 7lbs 10oz.  Ryan loves her to pieces and its so cute to see him with her.  He's going to be a great big brother! 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Hadley Elizabeth

I got a new neice this weekend! My younger sister, Michelle and her husband welcomed their second baby girl to the family.  They named her Hadley Elizabeth and she was 8lbs 2 oz!  She's a cutie!  Take a look!!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Night To-Do's

We are always looking for stuff to do during the week, not just on the weekend.  This week, we had a couple of things planned, which made me happy!!  On Monday, it was hot!  Like scorching hot!  So I decided to man up and bring the kids to the movies.  Alone.  It sounds so stupid, like why is taking my own two kids to sit in front of a big huge TV for 2 hours hard? But it made me nervous!  What if Avery needed her diaper changed?  Then I would have to take a perfectly content Cameron out, making him sad, starting tantrums with both of them!  But no bad scenario played out!  We all loved Monsters University and the popcorn :) Cam sat in his seat, like a perfect little kid the whole time.  Avery, stood in front of her seat the whole time, but no one was in front of her so it was ok.  That girl needs to learn how to whisper, though! But I think they did great!  I'll definitely do it again, hopefully to see Despicable Me soon!! 

On Tuesday, a little traveling circus was coming to town!  So of course we had to go!!  It was another 95 degree day, and under a tent felt like a million degrees, but we had fun anyway!  The kids loved it, especially when Mark got pulled up into the ring to do some little tricks with the clown!  This was the second year in a row that this happened!  He's such a good sport.  Oh and with pony rides and cotton candy, why wouldn't the kids have a blast? 
(Phone Pictures)

On Wednesday night, our town had The Great Duck Race.  Its an annual event where everyone involved buys a numbered plastic duck and they dump them into Fullton Pond and let them go over the waterfall and down the river.  The first bunch to cross the finish line win a prize. This was the first time we went, and it was much more people then I thought would go!  Which meant soo many little ducks!  It was so fun to watch the kids watch the ducks floating by!  It was even more fun when we found out one of our duckies won!!  
We took the wagon to the pond
Racing duckie!!
After they put their racing ducks in the water, they kids got to bring home a rubber duck souvenir


After the race, we went to the town common at the end of our street for the movie under stars. We always like doing this.  This time, even with tons of bug spray, Cam got eaten alive!  He has huge welts up and down his legs!  I guess he has sweet blood :)  
Madagascar 3!

So anyway, that was some weeknight fun we had this week.  Keep the plans coming!  I can't get bored! 

Monday, June 24, 2013

Ry-Ry is 4!

My little Ryan, the sweetest nephew ever, turned 4!  My sister had a great Indiana Jones-themed party for him yesterday, complete with bouncy house. He was so excited to see that everyone was there for him and we were so excited to celebrate with him!  His new baby sister is coming at the end of August, so this is his last birthday as an only child.  He's going to LOVE being a big brother!! 

Happy Birthday, Ry!

 Proud Daddy!
 Tina, Ryan and Mike
 Big boy "reading" his cards

Silly girl and her Papa